To improve your parking experience and save your time. 

Parking and Compound Credit

Prepaid Credit is purchased through a secure 2-factor authentication with SMS online banking. The prepaid credit can be used to pay parking for both gated and street parking as well as compound payment.

Compound Payment

Save the hassle to go to the municipal council to pay your compound. No driving, no parking searching, no queuing. Just scan and pay through the Flexi Parking™ Scan&Pay facility. If you cannot scan, you still can enter the compound number to pay. All information including photos will be displayed to ensure the offence. It's all about transparancy...

Parking Payment

Once top up the parking credit, you may pay for parking using the 2-step parking payment. User will get notification prior to parking expiry and you may top up your anytime and anywhere.

New Gated Parking Payment

With the minimum amount available in your credit, you may now pay your gated parking at Flexi Parking gated facilities (Coming soon!). No longer the need to take ticket or even scan your parking card, it's just drive in. As long as your vehicle is registered to Flexi Parking and you have authorized the entry and exit, you may now drive into the parking facilities with ease.

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Flexi Parking™ is available in both Android Playstore and Apple Appstore

Check out the quick start guide below if you are unsure how to get started

Quick Compound Payment Guide Quick Parking Payment Guide

Quick Compound Payment Guide

  Now you can pay compound anywhere, anytime.  

Step 1

Fill in Details

From the main user interface, select 'Scan & Pay Compound' option.
You can scan compound barcode or fill in the information needed, and click “Next” button to pay the compound.

Step 2

Confirmation Pop-up

A confirmation pop-up will appear to the user.
User can see the payment value that they have to pay for compound within duration that have been informed here.

Step 3

Compound Payment

The pictures proof of user car can be viewed here. This pictures are taken by the PBT authorities.
The compound payment can be done in one click away. The transaction here onwards is independent of Flexi Parking and all purely from the bank website.

Quick Parking Payment Guide

  Now you can pay parking anywhere, anytime.  

Step 1

Select City Council

Before you start to pay parking, make sure that you have choosen the right city council.

Step 2

Access Parking Payment

After choosing the right council, access parking payment by touching this area as shown beside in the red outline.

Step 3

Choose Parking Duration

You can choose your desired parking duration.
You can also pay for one day parking pass or one month parking pass only for one city council.

Step 4

Parking Confirmation

A pop up to confirm your parking payment will appear for your confirmation.
If the GPS detect that you are not in the right council location, a different pop up will come out as shown below

Step 5

Parking Timer

Once you have confirmed your purchase, you can monitor your parking duration as shown at the red outline.
Your parking duration can be extend by repeating from Step 1.

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