To improve your parking experience and save your time. 

Authorize to enter and exit

All you need to do now is to authorize your entry and exit through the Flexi Parking app prior to entering the gated parking. This hence improves security to avoid theft and illegal entries. (Upcoming LPR Technology)

Cashless Payment

The cashless payment is by using prepaid credit purchase through a secure 2-factor authentication with online banking or credit card purchase. The prepaid credit can be use to pay parking for both gated and street parking. The parking payment is automatically deducted upon exiting the gated parking area.

QR Technology

Say no more to lost parking tickets or cards! Flexi Parking™ System is bringing you the touchless entry and exit at the off-street and gated parking locations. Using the advance QR technology for your parking enterance and exit, Flexi Parking™ can pay the parking for you at ease.

Always Know Your Parking

Running timer exactly tells you how long you have parked and the cost of the parking session. All timing are calibrated with the internet. History and receipts can be obtained from the app through the payment records.

Download Now

Flexi Parking™ is available in both Android Playstore and Apple Appstore

Check out the quick start guide below if you are unsure how to get started

Quick Off-Street Parking Guide

Quick Off-Street Parking Guide

  Now you can pay compound anywhere, anytime.  

Step 1

Select Off-Street Parking

From the main user interface, select 'Menu' button > select "Change Council" > select "Off-Street Parking".
You can change to other council by repeating the steps.

Step 2

Enterance QR Code Scan

At the app homepage, select the round button with QR code logo.
Scan the QR code at enterance kiosk and you can enter.

Step 3

Exit QR Code Scan

At the app homepage, select the round button with QR code logo.
Scan the QR code at Exit kiosk and you can exit. The reload will be auto-deducted at the exit based on your time of park.

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