Our Company

Leading Innovative Technologies and Systems (LiTS) architects created the application with enironmental friendly, efficiency and simplicity in mind. Whether you are in a line in bank, in a theater watching a movie, having a meeting with your customer, unable to determine how long you are going to park your car, or other unthinkable scenarios, we have this solution for you to be able to pay your street parking anywhere with internet connection or mobile connection. You no longer need to rush back to their vehicle to pay your parking and that scenario of parking disputes with the enforcement will be a history. And the lastest functions, we included GPS guided to help to determine users' location to not mistakenly pay for wrong municipality as well as to help users to save time rather than returning back to the municipal councils to pay their compounds.

The idea of this parking app came from innovations of the current payment systems (Coupons and parking payment kiosk) to enable a new payment option to ease users. The app not only helps to reduce time and efficiency of users to pay parking and compounds but also the compliance rate of the municipal councils' collections. With the green environment in mind, LITS decided to reduce paper wastage and be a part to save the environment. In order to convey this message to users, LITS uses the number of parking paid with Flexi Parking™ and connverts it to the paper weight to create environmental awareness. Since 1st of August 2016, Selangor state have saved Together we have saved 818,510Kg of papers.

LITS continues to improve its application to enable more features from time to time. In addition to hourly or block parking payments, LITS has enabled monthly pass purchases, the parking compound payments as well as gated parking facilities using cutting edge technology, including among others, license plate recognition (LPR). With the LPR technology, users are no longer required to use touch access cards or parking tickets and will only be required to drive pass the LPR technology, provided that the user’s vehicle number has been registered with Flexi Parking™, MPAJ Parking™, Smart Selangor Parking™ and/or Wilayah Parking™. These services may be enabled via one single login and one credit wallet.