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Mobile solution for street and gated parking
Now you may also pay your parking compound

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To improve your parking experience and save the trees...

2-Step Street Parking

Finding parking payment machine, long queue, scratch coupons, running back to your vehicle... all these will be a history. With Flexi Parking™ system on street parking, just authorize your parking using 2-step parking payment, touch vehicle number and select duration of parking. You will not wrongly pay for parking outside valid parking hours and holidays. You may pay parking 2 hours earlier before parking required time starts, for example from 6am and timer starts counting from 8am to ease working folks who has early meetings.

Touchless gated parking

You don't need tickets or cards or scanning. Flexi Parking™ System is bringing you the touchless entry and exit at gated parking locations. Using the advance license plate recognition on your vehicle registration number, Flexi Parking™ can pay the parking for you at ease.

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Credit purchase online

Prepaid Credit is purchased through a secure 2-factor authentication with SMS online banking. The prepaid credit can be used to pay parking, compounds and even transfer to your friends as a gift.

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Always know your parking

Running timer exactly tells you the remaining time your parking payment is. A reminder will prompt user to top up parking time when expiry time is near. All timing are calibrated with the internet and enforcements are checking the parking in real time. History and receipts can be obtained from the app through the payment records.

Everything is online

Digital receipt stores online and can be printed out when necessary and e-mail receipt as soon as parking payment is made. Enforcements are all online checking your vehicle number through the server. You no longer need to display anything on the vehicle.

One Login

Only one login username and password required to pay at different municipal councils and gated parkings. You can switch between municipal councils easily within the app to start your parking payments. You will stay login once you logged into the application. All transactions are secure and topup credit are all using secure transactions.

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Flexi Parking™ is available in both Android Playstore and Apple Appstore

Check out the quick start guide below if you are unsure how to get started

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide

To upgrade your parking convenience and start saving the trees

  • Install the Flexi Parking™ app

    Download the application from App Store (iOS) or Play Store (Android) for free

    Search for Flexi Parking or MPAJ Parking and install

  • Register as a new user

    Click on register, fill up the information requested and then submit the information. Upon successful, you may log in.

    Privacy policy (PDPA) document located here

  • Add your vehicle number

    Add in your vehicle number into the "Empty" slot. You may add more than one vehicle number by clicking the next button.

  • Purchase prepaid credit

    Touch on credit balance button to start online credit purchase. Select the desired amount or monthly pass and then follow through the steps to login to secure online banking.

  • Enjoy parking payment and compound payment at ease with Flexi Parking™

    Just touch on the vehicle number you want to pay with 3-step payment

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